The name is "Lydia Nalen" Translated it will be something like "Soun Dina SS" spelled: sound in ass....

Ok, not much new here.. But I hope it will come soon. But that will require a camera.. I have one, but I have not enough ram upstairs to remember to bring it with me.. We have sailed a lot though. Wired the radio, fixed the dieselfilter, and have had a lot of fun.. Things to do: Replace the inside floor, varnish the interior, do something with the hatch on deck... and so on.

At last a boat again. Our Gib Sea 28 were put on fire by a lunatic late in the autumn 2004. We had insurance, so we have now purchased a "new" one. We have downseized things a bit. Erik has got a new son (#3 like me..), so we will not need that much room..(!) The reason? Just common sense.

We know, by experience, that with small children in the house, the boat will be much less used. Mainly we will be off by ourselves for a couple of years. And the smaller the boat, the more fun.

About the boat: It is just over 26 feet long. Has an elder Renault RC8D diesel engine inside. Not the most common machine, mainly because Renault ended their marine-program in 1982. It was sold to the Nanni company. They still deliver parts to these engines.

There are 4 berths inside, with accomodation for 6.(!) A double berth both in front and in the main saloon. Toilet is placed astern of the v-berth, and extends the hole with of the boat with the doors closed.

The main cabin i quite traditional, with berths on both sides and a table that can be pushed aside or removed.

Tha pantry however, is the geniuos part of the boat. Stationed at the port side it is slideable, and can be fully withdrawn under the cockpitbenches. This patent turns the whole cabin into a much larger place for nice company. The downside of the patent is that it reduses the stowage room in the cockpitbenches. This gives way to several odd ideas. Among them can I mention our way of storing the fenders. We have sewn pockets on the outside of the cockpit sheets. Just the right size for the fenders. More of that later.

The cockpit itself is guite roomy, 6 adults can be placed here without trouble. With a boomtent, the cozy factor increases even more. A couple of beers at hand makes it perfect. We will think and rethink anything several times to make the most out of this wessel. Follow us in the future, and welcome back.