Winter soon..

Autumn, the sad and cold season is due.. Lydia Nalen will be placed on the ground. 6 months without the sound of small waves hitting the hull. The summer is nothing but memories. Good memories though.. But even as winter comes upon us, there is still a lot of things to be done. We want to improve a few things, maintanance is required, and the whole wessel should be cleaned out. We have used the boat one season so far, and there are obvious things to be done. The smell of diesel in the boat is a nuisance, and there is a small leak in the fitting of the propelleraxel. We will install Lazyjacks, redo the propane gas-pantry assemble. It is now a small 2kg bottle mounted directly to the pantry. We want that bottle out of the boat, put in a 5kg bottle in the cockpit locker somewere... etc.etc.

Hence this, here I will try to list up av few of the improvements to be done:

  • 5 Projects to improve the boat

  • Stereo
  • Ice box
  • Curtains
  • Hatch
  • All fittings, inlets and so on.
  • Stuffing box and cutless bearing
  • Rewire battery
  • Move propane bottle
  • Repair of sprayhood
  • Pockets for fenders
  • Refit ligt in ceiling
  • Lubricate winches
  • Ventilate toilet
  • Make stove cover
  • Wash all ropes.
  • Mount Lazyjacks