The deck.

Above waterline, mainly on deck. Iformation about anything there. The dollhouse is narrow, which simplify the entrance to the foredeck. We will mainly wash and polish this part of the boat. Most things is ok here.

Someone has cut a hole in the cockpitfloor to easy access to the engine. Quite practical, but a major safetyhazard. If a large amount of water should drop into the cockpit, the homemade hatch there will probably float away, and the water will have free way into the engineroom. This must be replaced. At first we made a better looking hatch, but still not satisfactory to safetystandards. A new one, fully lockable will be inserted. Already ordered by the way.

Here is the new homemade one, and how we made it. 9mm plywood, meranti, was used as a base, birch round the edges and 4mm meranti, darker grade as "deck". All glued in place with SP-epoxy. Then it was driven with Sikaflex, oiled and varnished with Ravilakk from Jotun.

We plan to seal the screwholes, but since it is planned to by a complete new hatch in GRB we put that on hold for now.

This will do for the summer of 2005. It keeps the rain out, and looks ok. Not totaly ychtlike yet though.