As you can see in plan you will notice that the main cabin contents a berth at port side, and a mini "dinette" at starbord. The table can be lowered to make a double berth. There is also a berth under the starbord cockpitbench.

The woodwork are worn and because of a leak of water and diesel from the engineroom, some of the plywood has delaminated and look poor. We will rip the worst parts out and put in some new plywood. The whole interior will need a stroke or two with fresh varnish. We will come back with more of that.

Easter is upon us, and as always, easter means boat.. Wife and kid was sendt north, so it's only me and our cat left. (and my two older kids for the weekend..) Erik and I have started up working on the boat. We were concerned about water coming in through the keelbolts, but we think we have eliminated that now. We have loosened them all, taken out the plates and cleaned them off. There were quite a bit of rust on them, but the bolts were fine.

We applied two coats of Hammerite on the plates, and believe that if staying dry, this will do well. Hammerite should also withstand some humidity, but maybe not seawater directly over a long period. We filled up with Sikaflex under the plates before we reinstalled them. Snug and thight, this should be dry now.

The bench (which will be our ice-box within a year) is now reinstalled. It has 3 coats of 3-star floor varnish apllied. (recommended by several boataholics) 4 more coats is required, but for the time being, this will do. Now the boat must go afloat.